Shea McFarland


A passionate creative, specializing on the intersection of business and design. Infusing character, integrity, and consideration into marketing channels, brands, and products to inspire new interest and engagement.



About Me: I am a designer with years of experience bringing value and life to marketing, brands, and products. Design and business can sometimes feel at odds and a burden on each other's objectives. But aligning these two functions can create memorable moments for your prospective customers. This is where I excel. My skill set includes design leadership, digital marketing strategy, web design, animation, graphic design, illustration, user experience, and even machining and fabrication. I’m feverishly adding to this list every day.
Key Clients:
Homeaway, Verizon, Ruffles, Polycom, Blizzard, Lifesize, Zenoss, Frontline, MJ&M Foundation, McMurdo