brand identity


Zenoss is a relatively young IT monitoring company that needed help with their brand identity and website. The company had developed a clear brand personality, but had yet to document anything in clear terms for their growing teams to use. Zenoss needed an updated design for their website that matched these clear guidelines. The website was already in development when we were brought into the project. They were short on time and budget as they had already experienced many missteps in development and design.


I set about reverse engineering their brand identity from disparate documents, graphics, presentations, and any other relevant materials. I created a brand book that included detailed documentation of brand identity, messaging, and visual elements. We created detailed rules for logo usage, color and gradient use cases, typography styles, and much more to fill gaps in their style guide. Within Zenoss, there was great difficulty in presenting their highly technical concepts in a simple and clear manner. To combat this issue, we created a custom icon set that focused on specific concepts that they could apply towards infographics and presentations.
To develop a clear style for the website with very limited time, I decided to make an improvised living style guide for the website. Using a CMS with page building tools, I set about designing all of the site’s modular universal elements (such as headers, cards, menus, etc). The developers were able to use these as patterns, both in design and functionality. Any unique or specific pages were designed in full so the developers needed only to copy the elements over into their environment. Great emphasis was placed on optimizing on-page form conversions, with clear hierarchy of information and call-to-action placement. The entire process took under a month, and Zenoss was able to implement their website on budget.
Zenoss still uses the brand book and the website.


Shea McFarland - Creative Lead
Ashlee Williams - Graphic design
Erica Herod - Zenoss Design Lead
Trisha Fields - Zenoss Project Lead