TIP Technologies

web redesign


TIP Technologies was in desperate need of a refresh for their website. Being in the manufacturing industry meant that most of their past business had been done offline, though the business's leadership decided it was time to modernize. They needed a website that could succeed in three ways: A simple interface for online lead generation, a clean functional architecture that was SEO ready, and a new modern style without changing any existing brand guidelines.


While the UX team worked on the revamped information architecture, I focused on was the company's imagery. They needed illustrations to break up the monotony of their many technical pages in a way that stock photos never could. Because their business is focused on manufacturing, I went with a stylized technical illustration motif. These images were set opposite long paragraphs of information, to keep the user engaged. When photography was necessary, I used a gradient map overlay of either red or navy.
Many of the page elements only underwent minor surface-level renovations. The overall effect, however, was night and day. With careful placement of information the site became incredibly usable, taking a few seconds to find relevant information or contact the company. Because this website was designed to improve on SEO performance, the following measures were also taken: A complex map of redirects was set up to avoid any hiccup in organic search traffic, many page speed optimizations were painstakingly integrated, and the blog/content portions of the page received a lot of attention.
The website is currently in review and has yet to launch.


Shea McFarland - Creative Lead
Ryman Stringer - UX lead