brand identity


MarTechExec is an online publication created to address the informational needs of the rapidly growing marketing technology landscape. At start, the site needed a complete brand identity and layout. In addition to being simple and modern, the design needed to feel less paternalistic/masculine than other similar sites. Women marketing professionals increasingly outnumber men, and it was important that the site feel inclusive to all users.


After many iterations, the visual identity we settled on was very bright and approachable. The main value of the site lay in it’s well researched content, so I decided on an understated use of typography to avoid distraction. Bitter was used sparingly for headlines, while Assistant provided a highly legible paragraph font.
The website was developed to be simple to navigate. Because marketing technologies can be widely varied in their use and application, our initial push focused on straightforward information architecture. The whole of the site was divided into 7 overarching categories, containing several subcategories. This hierarchy was easily accessible from many areas of the site. A single search bar in the header was the main jumping point for many users, so intelligent autocomplete and search technology was a focus for the developers.
Finding photography or illustration to use as featured images or headers for articles was a major time sink for the editorial team, not to mention costly. To simplify this process, I decided to make use of the site’s inherit organization. I developed a system by which the category and subcategory denote a pattern and color for the page. This was paired with a simple and reusable library of custom icons that were created to represent abstract technology concepts.
The pattern/color/icon motif was scalable enough to apply to video, social, and many other channels, and became the main recognizable feature of the brand’s identity.
MarTechExec garnered over a million views in its first several months of existence.


Shea McFarland - Creative Lead
Ashlee Williams - Graphic design
Ryman Stringer - UX design
Bryan Walker - UX Lead
Lana Moore - Project Lead