The VoIP Report

web redesign


Create a low maintenance content site for VoIP technology. This site would be lent out through a client's joint marketing fund to channel partners and sponsors. They would be able to promote content, provide useful information, and engage customers in charge of communication technology for their businesses.


This site, though image rich, requires little to no upkeep for photography. The featured images are pooled from a large cache of photos with general subject matter. Unless otherwise specified, these images are dynamically paired with an article upon publishing. The style of the site was chosen to be "safe and informational, but not cold and stuffy." It's appeal needed to be wide enough to encompass the target readership, but also prospective sponsors. Built on a custom Wordpress theme, the site is lightning fast, easy to navigate, and can dynamically integrate sponsors in minutes. The design of the site involved very detailed mockups (below) and the finished product was created by a third party agency to not deviate from the original vision.