demand generation


Polycom’s marketing team had discovered an underserved audience in its mid-market customers, and it needed to quickly implement a full scale multichannel campaign. Display remarketing, nurture emails, content, and paid social were all necessary to bring in leads as quickly as possible.


Because Polycom was an established enterprise corporation with well documented (and enforced) brand guidelines, there was great difficulty in differentiating the content to serve this very specific market. Because the campaign was set up with multiple engagements over multiple channels, there needed to be a high level of uniformity in the user’s experience, driving them towards an eventual conversion.
In the past, Polycom had relied on several of it’s brighter colors to accomplish most of the visual work. The colors were very similar tonally, often presented flat, and it was difficult to discern which elements required the user’s focus. I decided that campaign would revolve around two of Polycom’s less used colors: A cool grey and a deep red. All content would use a single treatment: The cool grey would be used to tint product photography (Polycom has a large catalog of high quality photos), simple white typography was overlaid on the photography using font weight and size for emphasis, and a deep red would be used sparingly for calls-to-action or key pieces of information. This theme was used for all of the marketing materials. Using best-practice expertise for each channel, I was able to design emails, ebooks, and banner ads with this single look and feel.
The final product encompassed over 100 display ads for paid search and social media, 16 emails with 2 versions each for A/B testing, 20 landing pages, and dozens of ebooks. The overall experience generated some of the highest conversion rates of any multi-touch marketing program for Polycom.